Whole Slide Scanners By OptraSCAN

Whole Slide Scanners By OptraSCAN

WSI, refers back to the checking of traditional glass slides to produce digital slides. This is actually the latest imaging modality being employed by pathologists and departments globally. Whole slide image scanner is ongoing to achieve traction among pathologists for educational, diagnostic, and research purposes.

Advancements in the area of digital pathology are progressing in a rapid pace, basically driven by advancements in technology. Constant developments in artificial intelligence, machine learning, imaging, the rate of information transfer, cloud storage solutions etc, have facilitated the growing utilization of imaging and therefore the adoption of solutions. Pathologists and departments are more and more utilizing imaging for tasks for example image archiving, discussing, telepathology, and analysis. Digital imaging modalities have transitioned from employing cameras to obtain static images toward WSI, it’s a comparatively unique technology.

OptraSCAN is really a well-famous and reliable solutions provider and preferred scanners for whole imaging. high-speed affordable image slide scanner which scans tissues/cells of size 15×15 mm area at 40x equivalent in under a minute. The scanners have a unique no-touch loading mechanism to decrease workflow errors and convey high-resolution images. Our prime-speed scanner includes solutions – IMAGEPath®, the look Management System appropriate for viewing, storing and archiving and TELEPath®, telepathology software employed for real-time, and remote consultations.

These image scanner can be found in capacity of  4 , 15, 120, and 300 slides. It’s continual loading capacity. Our prime-speed scanner facilitates noiseless operation. The pictures generated could be stored in your area and are generally cloud-enabled for auto-streaming data in to the Cloud.

It enables excellent picture quality, high-speed, and dependability for imaging, which makes it the perfect option for doctors, research professionals, pathologists , and pathology departments.

319)OptraSCAN Digital Pathology Solutions

We’re a worldwide leader in affordable Solutions – through the elimination of the barriers to adopting digital pathology regardless of size the lab, the lab’s throughput, or location. It’s an affordable and simple to apply solutions will increase your roi. We are someone to assist enhance the performance of the laboratory. For example solution combines image acquisition, management, discussing, and interpretation of information which includes glass slides and knowledge in infrastructure.

The solutions contain digital pathology scanners for checking of histopathology and cytology tissue slides. Our prime-performance scanner is the best tool to transition in the microscope and diminish time-consuming manual workflow. Every scanners are integrated with image viewing and image management tool – Imagepath. Pathologists can observe and archive images. Manage images inside a HIPPA compliant cloud or their local server. Pathologists go for use of Our telepathology software – Telepath, pathologists can consult and tell Real-time Conferencing. They are able to make use of the live Chat feature and annotation with digital images. It’s an finish-to-finish solution provider.

This can be a perfect tool for transitioning from conventional microscopy for effective purchase of whole slide images, viewing, storing, archiving, real-time-discussing, and reporting via various prices models.

Our small footprint, high and low throughput scanners are lightweight and fit into small workspaces.

Do you know the Advantages ?

•           Provides the pathologist community much-needed flexible working model having a minimum advanced budgeting

•           Enables users to pay attention to their core regions of working with no technological and operational burdens

•           Supports easy scalability & integration inside the user’s existing eco-system

•           Augments efficient workflows for multi-site collaboration, anytime & anywhere access

•           Allows integrated real-time remote connectivity for expert opinions & consultations

•           Offers great possibilities for education , research and supervision opine